About us

Arkote is Australia’s most specialised, innovative and focused surface treatment and coating operation. Based in Adelaide, South Australia and established in 1976 as a family business, Arkote has developed an enviable reputation for superior outstanding customer service and high quality workmanship, servicing a range of industries across Australia. With an ever-expanding team, we can apply decades of experience to every project, ensuring your products are technically correct from the start.

On time, defect free, exactly as agreed.

"Specialising in both batch processing and high volume work."

Corporate values


Integrity, respect and fairness in all relationships, employees, customers, suppliers & community.


Responsibility for Attention and Awareness, caring for each other and the workplace, ‘home unharmed everyday’ by coaching, communicating, caring and considering for each other and all working toward the same clear, common goal, we as a team will survive, prosper and lead.


To minimise our impact physically to the environment by ensuring that we meet all regulations and where possible to go further and beyond our expected standard.


Delivering our services, products and promises to a project appropriate, fair value, pre-agreed and expected standard.


To sustain business growth, fund new ventures, help the less fortunate and return to the community.

Corporate misson:

Is to deliver surface treatment services when – or where – specification and quality are critical and integrity is paramount.

Corporate vision:

To lead the industry in our target markets through the relentless pursuit of excellence and integrity.

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133 daws road / st marys / adelaide / south australia 5042