Our highly skilled team takes pride in being able to offer you a range of highly specialised and technical services including: surface treatment and preparation, protective coating,  powder coating, hot metal spray, nylon coatings, curing facilities, printing, inspection and packaging.

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Arkote coating systems

Kolorkote by Arkote

Production Process

  • Preparation as needed, light degrease and remove major imperfections.
  • Apply a quality brand of powder topcoat to manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Oven bake with strict time and temperature controls to achieve a thorough and complete cure.

Application & Environment

  • Generally, used on items that are for interior use and have minimal exposure to weather.
  • Quality system that gives good appearance, reasonable level of resistance to light abuse & damage.
  • Often used over zinc anneal and Duragal® where the zinc is not damaged with welding or grinding etc.

Kolorkote Plus

Additional sanding of base substrate before top coat.

Kolorkote Premium

Zinc/epoxy primer before top coat but no blasting.

Tuffkote by Arkote

Production Process

  • As per Kolorkote process above, plus extra step of…
  • Surface prep by mechanical abrasion, typically abrasive blast, to achieve a surface that is both clean and roughened up ready for coating, this enables unparalleled adhesion of the next coat to the substrate.

Application & Environment

  • Good exterior grade system for normal to mild exterior weather environment as the mechanically abraded surface provides outstanding adhesion of the powder coat and help prevent corrosion.
  • Often used over aluminium and hot dip galvanized steel which achieves excellent performance.
  • Tuffkote is the minimum required system, for bare mild steel in an exterior environment.
  • Great appearance and resists heavy abuse outstandingly with minimal damage
  • Often used on agricultural & industrial equipment, fence posts, gates and trailers etc.

Endurakote by Arkote

Production Process

  • As per Tuffkote, process above, plus extra step of…
  • Application of a high-quality primer either zinc rich or modified epoxy coat after blast & before the topcoat.

Application & Environment

  • An excellent exterior system where greater protection is desired, for normal to more severe weather areas.
  • Improved appearance as the extra coating layer smooths the surface and hides more imperfections.
  • Greater resistance to corrosion, due to multiple layers affording better protection if the coating sustains damage.

Ultrakote by Arkote

Production Process

  • As per Endurakote process above, plus extra step of …
  • Application of modified epoxy intermediate layer, after priming before top coating.

Application & Environment

  • Generally used is an environment where maximum protection is required.
  • Excellent appearance a with thicker and smoother finish, due to the 3 layers of coating.
  • Often used where a warranty is required, talk to us if you would like one.
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