Our highly skilled team takes pride in being able to offer you a range of highly specialised and technical services including: surface treatment and preparation, protective coating,  powder coating, hot metal spray, nylon coatings, curing facilities, printing, inspection and packaging.

"Applying decades of experience to every project."

Chemical pretreatments

We offer a number of different chemical pre-treatments including zinc, iron and manganese phospating; all of which conform to Australian standards.

  • AS 1627.6
  • DEF – STAN – 03-11

Chromate Conversion


Arkote offers chromate conversion of aluminium and its alloys with a capacity up to 10m in length, conforming to Australian standards.

  • AS 1627.6
  • AS 3715
  • MIL – C 5541E¬†Class 1A & 3
  • Australian Submarine Corporation TS-023

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